Senior restaurants, a concept that is a hit!

The city of Toulouse has set up the concept of senior restaurants, where you can eat well for less than €4 while chatting with your neighbour. With the opening of its eleventh restaurant at the beginning of March, we can say that it was a success!

A few years ago, Toulouse City Hall launched the concept of senior restaurants. It is a place where the elderly can enjoy a good meal for less than €4 and especially come out of their isolation. The aim of the municipality was to “develop proximity and solidarity”. And the bet is quite successful.

Eleven restaurants have already opened in and around Toulouse. The youngest, the restaurant La Terrasse, was inaugurated on March 1st. A twelfth school is also planned for the end of 2016. A service that is therefore a great success with Toulouse residents! It is reserved for the inhabitants of the city and only for those over 60 years old and therefore makes it possible to bring citizens together and even forge new friendships. Be careful, remember to book a week in advance in the restaurant where you want to have lunch.